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Why Human?

Collaborate with your patients, with a product designed for patients and providers

Track treatment plans and correlate with verified patient-reported outcome measures

Access the latest evidence including gold standard care and Human’s PROMs research

Frequently asked Question?

What are the potential benefits for me as a provider?
  • Have access to validated, comprehensive and user-friendly patient-reported outcomes measures to track their patients
  • Improve collaboration and relationships with patients.
  • Optionally enrol in Human’s research, potentially the largest prospective observational study into neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Track your whole cohort of patients and see practice-level insights
  • Learn about treatments other clinicians are using to treat similar patients and compare efficacy and evidence base.
  • Scale your impact by contributing to publications that convey what is working in your clinic to the world
What are the potential benefits for my patients?
  • Track their symptoms using a validated, comprehensive and user-friendly survey, co-designed with similar patients to them
  • Easily upload and track care plans, with the flexibility to incorporate all types of interventions
  • Get actionable insights on correlations between treatments and symptoms, presented clearly to discuss with their care team
  • Optionally enrol in Human’s research, potentially the largest prospective observational study into neurodevelopmental disorders
  • See personalised content, designed to support, uplift and motivate patients, wherever they are on their treatment journeys
Where and when will this be available to me?

Human will launch in early 2023 and will be available in the U.S. and Australia initially, however, plans to quickly expand to other countries.

How much will this cost?

This app will be free for patients and providers to search for evidence-based treatments and the latest research, and track symptoms, treatments and insights.

Who has been involved in co-designing this platform?

Human’s app and patient-reported outcome measures have been co-designed with patient groups and Human’s expert clinician network. The expert clinician network includes providers from different specialties and licences, from the US and Australia, as well as esteemed researchers relevant to the condition.

What conditions or symptoms is Human tracking?

While anyone can download Human and start tracking symptoms relevant to them, Human’s goal is to add value to conditions that lack a clear standard of care. We believe that this is where we can have the biggest impact on frustrated patients and clinicians alike. We are starting with optimising for neurodevelopmental conditions, but will quickly expand to include other conditions.

What are Human’s Clinical Governance obligations?

Human takes the security, safety, ethics and quality of our data and healthcare services very seriously.

Human’s Clinical Governance is overseen by our Medical, Legal and Compliance teams. All privacy considerations are in line with local, national and international jurisdictions. Any research considerations have IRB (US) and/or other relevant ethics board approval.

What measures are you using to track symptom change over time?

Human’s Research team has created and validated a comprehensive and user-friendly patient-reported outcome measure to track changes in symptoms over time in a particular neurodevelopmental condition. This measure has been co-designed with leading researchers at Arizona State University (ASU) and validated with researchers at ASU and UCSF.

Will this app integrate with my current EMR?

Human’s data is HL7 FHIR and SNOMED compatible and complies with national regulations allowing patients to receive their own healthcare data. That being said, Human’s symptom and treatment tracking capabilities will not yet directly integrate with your EMR.

Can my patients use Human without a provider?

Yes. Patients can download Human and start tracking their symptoms and treatments on their own accord. They will be able to see insights correlating symptom change to treatments. Human’s stance is that all clinical decision-making should be done with a patient’s licences provider and does not offer an interpretation of insights to suggest making a clinical decision.

Once given permission from their patients, providers will be able to see these insights into their patients' treatments and symptom change.

What kind of treatments can I track using Human?

Humans treatment database includes over 4000 treatments, including medications, supplements, therapies, nutritional orders and other treatment options.