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Let your health data speak for itself.
Human Health helps you understand how your health is changing, to advocate to your medical providers and get the care you deserve.
Created in Collaboration with Top Scientists & Practitioners
David Cella, PhD


Center for Patient Centered Outcomes @ Northwestern

Young Shin Kim


Director - Psychiatric Genetic Epidemiology Program at UCSF

David Furman


Director - Stanford 1000 Immunomes Project, Buck Institute

Jacob Hooker


Science Director - Massachusetts General Hospital

Sarabeth Broder-Fingert


Scientific Director - U.MASS Memorial Hospital

Ken Mahaffey


Professor of Medicine - Stanford Expert in multicenter clinical trials

Kiki Chang


Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences - University of Texas

Katrina Williams

(MSc, MBBS, Ph.D)

Head of the Department of Paediatrics - Monash University

Key benefits of tracking on

Human Health

Better understand yourself and your needs

Identify triggers that cause changes to your health

Gain insight into how your treatment plan impacts your symptoms

Talk to your providers with confidence & be heard

How to get started on Human
Create a free profile
Start tracking symptoms
Start tracking your health regiment
Get daily insights to share with providers
Why humans everywhere are loving Human Health
And why we think you would too

I like this app a lot! Specifically because the large array of symptoms to log, the ability to put in not only your official diagnosis but also conditions you & your care team suspect you may have as well as your treatments including medication!

Kkush0000, USA

This app is awesome for managing my anxiety! The charts really help me see track how my symptoms have been and detect trends. The layout of the app is really calming and clean. It’s easy to navigate to get what you want. This app is amazing.

Potato Peru, USA

I am really enjoying this app so far! I have tried to adapt other apps to track my symptoms, and it's always been a failure. I especially enjoyed that when setting it up, I can pick a diagnosis I already have, and it will suggest related symptoms for me. The symptoms get really specific, and I appreciate that.

Morgan, USA

This app is amazing. I've been able to really track my own health and behaviors in a way that helped me make significant positive changes in my life.

Alissa, USA

Helps me see clearly! Honestly I’ve been looking for a way to help with my PTSD instead of just avoiding it. Human helps me collect my thoughts into one place and allows me to track the treatments I need as well.

Senicaja, USA

This app is exactly what I have dreamed of for many years! I like to keep track of new meds and supplements but it’s so hard to tell what is actually helping my symptoms over time. This is the real deal! Excited to see my progress over time!

jwSueBlue, USA
You're in control
Keep track of your condition
Log symptoms and notes
Set daily reminders to check-in
Keep track of treatments you're trying
No more guesswork
Understand your trends
Get personalized insights
Dive deeper to understand triggers
Get bite-sized content about your health
No more guess-work
Understand your trends
Get personalized insights
Dive deeper to understand triggers
Get bite-sized content about your health
Advocate for better care
Make the most of your next appointment
One place for your symptom history
Capture your full treatment plan
Export your data to an easy to read PDF
Human is helpful for people managing:

Mental Health conditions

like Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, or Bipolar


like Insomnia or Chronic Fatigue

Neurological conditions

like ADHD or Autism

Auto-immune conditions

like MS or Lupus

Female Reproductive conditions

like PCOS or Endometriosis

Gastrointestinal conditions

like IBS, acid reflux or GERD

Private. Secure. Encrypted. HIPAA Compliant.
Privacy is a human right. Your data is yours:
You get full control over who can view your data on Human Health. Human Health keeps all your information secure and encrypted. We never sell data. We are fully GDPR & HIPAA compliant.
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What is Human Health?
Is my data on Human Health safe?
Is Human Health compliant with data privacy laws?
How do I download Human Health?
How do I give my doctor access to my information?
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Our blogs
Here are our latest blogs written by our team of qualified medical writers. We hope these are informative, inspiring and interesting! If you have an idea for a blog you would like to see, you can reach out to our support team at
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Empowering Your Health Journey: Our Secure Way of Exporting Health Reports

HIPAA Audits: What is it and what does it mean for you?

Making the most of Human's Health Insights

How does the DSM-5 define OCD?

This post explores the diagnostic criteria for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in the DSM-5.
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Common Treatments for OCD

This post summarizes some of the most common treatments used to manage Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
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Differences Between Type 1 and Type 2 Bipolar Disorder

Learn more about the similarities and differences between Bipolar Disorder Type 1 and Type 2
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What Is Psychotic Depression?

Learn more about the symptoms of psychotic depression, how it's different from other types of depression, and how it's treated.
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What Is Unipolar Depression?

Unipolar depression is a mental health condition that affects 5% of adults worldwide. Learn more about it in this post.
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Why does anxiety cause chest pain?

A common physical symptom of anxiety is chest pain. Learn more about why anxiety leads to chest pain.
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How does gabapentin work to treat anxiety?

Learn more about how gabapentin works for different conditions and why it might be used to treat anxiety.
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Music for anxiety relief

We've curated a list of calming and peaceful playlists to help ground you.
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Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and ADHD

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) is a severe emotional response to rejection or failure commonly experienced by people with ADHD.
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Two women daring to challenge broken medical systems: Short Documentary

Join hosts Sachin & Adam, and Human's co-founders Georgia and Kate as they discuss the journey to create one of the most ambitious health tech startups in the world.
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Human Health goes to INSAR

Human Health is excited to be hosting a booth at the 2024 INSAR Annual Meeting from May 15th-18th.
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ADHD and relationships

It's not you or me, maybe it's ADHD. This post explores how ADHD may affect some people's ability to connect with others.
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Low energy in women

Feeling tired and low in energy can be frustrating. Here are 5 common causes of these symptoms in women.
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Sign in to Human Health in one click with Google and Apple

Using Google or Apple to sign in also helps prevent phishing attacks, because they use advanced techniques to check your identity based on your location and device whenever you log in. Plus, Google and Apple continuously update and enhance their security systems to ensure your security online.
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Which medications treat anxiety?

There are many pharmacological treatments available for anxiety. Learn about which medications doctors prescribe for anxiety and why.
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Diagnostic criteria for depression

Specific criteria must be met to receive a diagnosis of clinical depression. Read on to learn more about the DSM-5 criteria for depression.
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What is existential dread?

Sometimes existential thoughts about the meaning of life and death can creep in. Learn more about what existential dread is and ways to handle it.
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What is health anxiety?

Health anxiety is a severe preoccupation with or fear of becoming seriously sick. Learn about the signs, how it's diagnosed, and how it's managed.
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10 quotes about anxiety everyone should hear

Anxiety can be hard to manage. Here are some quotes for when you’re feeling anxious, and that people with anxiety might resonate with.
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10 quotes about depression everyone should hear

Depression can be isolating. Here are some quotes for when you need to feel less alone, and that people with depression might resonate with.
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Can this depression medication treat anxiety?

Bupropion is a medication used to treat depression. In this post we explore how it works, and why some clinicians may prescribe it for anxiety.
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All about escitalopram

A summary explaining what escitalopram (Lexapro) is used to treat, how it might work, how it compares to other antidepressants and anxiety medications, and common side effects.
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All about sertraline

A summary explaining what sertraline (Zoloft) is used to treat, how it might work, how it compares to other antidepressants and anxiety medications, and common side effects.
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All about fluoxetine

A summary explaining what fluoxetine is used for, how it might work, how it compares to other antidepressants and common side effects.
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All about clomipramine

A summary explaining what clomipramine is used for, how it might work, how it compares to other antidepressants and common side effects.
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All about citalopram

A summary explaining what citalopram is used for, how it might work, how it compares to other antidepressants and common side effects.
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Stress and Seizures

How stress can trigger seizures, the effects of seizures on stress, and breaking this vicious cycle.
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What are Autism Spectrum Disorders? A history of Autism diagnosis

A brief history of how Autism Spectrum Disorder has been classified in the Diagnostics and Statistics Manual (DSM), and information about the different types of Autism Spectrum Disorders.
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Fatigued but can't sleep? 5 tips to help

It can be frustrating when you feel exhausted but can't fall asleep. Here are a couple of tips and techniques that might help you get better sleep.
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7 Common Seizure Triggers

Some factors are known to increase the risk of seizures. Here are 7 common seizure triggers and how you can manage them.
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Is Epilepsy Genetic?

This post will examine the role of genetics in epilepsy, the types of epilepsy influenced by genetics, and the ongoing research in this field.
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Can this heart medication treat anxiety symptoms?

Propranolol is a heart medication that is sometimes used to treat anxiety symptoms. Read this post to learn more about how it works.
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How does hydroxyzine treat anxiety symptoms?

Hydroxyzine is a medication commonly used for symptoms of anxiety. This post explains how hydroxyzine affects the body to reduce the effects of anxiety.
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The benefits of having ADHD

ADHD can bring some challenges, but it might also have some benefits. Learn more about how ADHD might be a secret superpower.
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The best time to take anxiety medication

When is the best time to take anxiety medication? This post explores how different types of medication for anxiety affect the body, and how that might affect when you should take them.
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Say again? Echolalia and Autism

Echolalia, or repetitive speech, is commonly associated with Autism. Learn more about the types of echolalia and how it affects Autistic children.
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Thinking Different: How ADHD Affects the Brain

The ADHD brain may have altered dopamine levels, structural changes to the frontal lobe, and unusual activity in certain brain regions.
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Autism in Women: How do Symptoms Present Differently?

Research suggests that Autism may affect females differently than males. Learn how Autism may present in females, and how it may affect Autism diagnosis.
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ADHD in Women: How do Symptoms Present Differently?

Women are under-represented in studies about ADHD. Here are some ways ADHD might look different in females compared to males.
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Autism Terminology

Confused by words or phrases you're coming across when learning about Autism? We're here to help with a glossary of useful terms.
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What ADHD Combined Type Actually Looks Like

There are 3 main types of ADHD. Learn about the symptoms and presentation of combined-type ADHD in this post.
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The Aftermath of Masking for an Autistic Person

Learn about how and why Autistic people camouflage their symptoms by masking, and how it affects them.
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ADHD Terminology

This post breaks down some of the commonly used terms in the ADHD community, including quotes and experiences from people with ADHD.
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10 Sensory Toys Your Kids Will Love

A handy list of sensory toys to stimulate or calm those with sensory sensitivities.
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Quotes from Famous Autistic People Everyone Should Hear

Championing Autistic representation and awareness about the condition is important to us, so we've curated a list of quotes from famous Autistic people and celebrities.
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Human Health Co-Founder, Kate, Shares Her Story

The inspiring story of a mother to two Autistic children, and the real-life experiences, challenges, and learnings that have shaped her path.
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How to Overcome ADHD Paralysis

ADHD paralysis occurs when you're unable to stop what you’re doing and move on to other tasks. Learn more about ADHD paralysis and some helpful apps.
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Demand Avoidance and Autism: How to Manage It

A persistent pattern of being resistant to completing what's asked of us is known as demand avoidance. Learn how it relates to Autism and how to manage it.
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ADHD Hyperfixation: Top tips for managing it effectively

Hyperfixation is the intense focus on specific interests, often associated with ADHD. Learn how to mange it to have positive benefits.
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How to Get an Autism Diagnosis

The road to a diagnosis of Autism can be confusing, and looks different for everyone. We've broken down the common steps that may occur in the process.
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How to Get an ADHD Diagnosis

The journey to an ADHD diagnosis is unique and can be challenging. We've broken down the common steps towards getting an ADHD diagnosis.
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Safeguarding Your Data: Our Commitment at Human Health

Your privacy is important to us – why protecting your health data matters and how we're putting your security first.
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Validation of our Symptom Measure: White Paper

Our symptom tracker is scientifically valid – what this means and how it helps us deliver personalized health insights for you.
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Research Roadmap: How and Why We Do Research

Our research goals, and how we're improving the research landscape by conducting relevant, high-quality studies.
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The Future of Tracking Patient Outcomes: Grand Rounds

How our free mobile app can help you track your symptoms, and how Human Health is spearheading the future of consumer tech and clinical decision making.
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How Jackie & Owen Manage Autism Using the Human Health App

How the free app, Human Health, helps a mother and her son keep track of Autism symptoms and treatments.
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Building Trust and Credibility in Digital Health

Your trust is our top priority. Learn more about how our focus on privacy, security, safety and interoperability affects you and how we work.
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Ken Mahaffey's Talk on the Quantified Self: Grand Rounds

Dr. Ken Mahaffey, Director of Stanford’s Center for Clinical Research, shares insights on the future of personalized medicine.
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Announcement: We have raised $10.15m to build the future of personalised healthcare

Surprise! We’ve closed a $10.15 million round - the largest ever seed round raised by an all-female-founded Australian startup.
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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Advocacy at Human Health

How we're building a diverse and inclusive team, and how we support our community so that everyone feels safe and valued.
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What our Values Mean to Us 💜

Our company values, how they influence our work, why they're important for maintaining a healthy team culture.
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The Gold Standard Fallacy in Medical Decision Making

Human Health's Medical Director, Dr Steven Gluckman, explores fallacies in medical decision-making and the future of precision medicine
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