Human Health goes to INSAR

Human Health is excited to be hosting a booth at the 2024 INSAR Annual Meeting from May 15th-18th. We will be there to share how Human Health is working with patients to deliver novel research outcomes (as well as a bunch of other things!). If you would like to learn more about the work we do and how you can get involved - come along to our booth and chat to our founders, Kate and Georgia or our Head of Research, Kelly

To learn more about how Human is pioneering Patient-Led Science download our brochure here.

To learn more about how you can collaborate with us check out the details on our Human Research Collaboration Programme.

Human Health is on a mission to give everyone access to personalized healthcare.

Human Health is a free app designed to help patients keep track of their health, collaborate with their healthcare team, learn what works for them, and contribute to impactful medical research. By building an app that gives people the power to harness their data, and rewards them for tracking their health, Human Health will generate a unique set of real-world data that can be used to conduct medical research at scale, speed up medical breakthroughs and help build personalized health plans for everyone.

At our booth, we will be sharing opportunities to collaborate on a new way of conducting research that we are pioneering: Patient-led Science. You can meet the company founders (Kate and Georgia) who founded Human Health based on their deeply personal experiences navigating the complexities of caring for loved ones with neuropsychiatric conditions. Like most Autism parents, Kate tried (and often failed) to record and decipher the impact of the interventions she was trialling with her children and to learn what other options were available. She knew that there must have been a better way to utilize real world data to make better decisions alongside her care team.  Both Kate and Georgia had worked at Canva together for years, and decided to come together to use their skills to build user-friendly software in healthcare - their ultimate goal is to help people get faster access to more effective solutions for them.

We will have a live feed of the data we have collected to date, as well as the opportunity to meet our Research Lead (Kelly) to learn more about our Human Research Collaboration Programme and opportunities for future research studies.

You will also have the ability to live demo our patient and practitioner apps to visualise how data is collected and presented back to users.

Dr. Kelly Simpson