Editorial Guidelines

At Human Health, we’re committed to creating content that reflects our mission to give everyone access to personalised healthcare. Our written resources are focused on providing accurate, current, easy-to-understand information directly to those who need it most.

Our writers adhere to some key guidelines throughout the editorial process in order to ensure that we’re maintaining our goal of creating accessible, trustworthy, medically correct content.

Where Our Content Comes From

Trying to read and understand medical information, particularly when you’re experiencing struggles with your own or a loved one’s health, can be confusing and frustrating. Sometimes it’s hard to know which information you can trust. We’re trying to reduce the noise that exists in the world of health information, to make navigating your health journey easier.

We’re striving to create resources that will meaningfully contribute to improving health education. To do so, we endeavour to use evidence-based sources, such as peer-reviewed scientific research, clinical guidelines, and trusted professional organizations to inform our content. Our team conducts in-depth research to ensure we’re providing you with the most relevant and accurate information.

Our Content Team

The Human Health Content team are experienced medical and scientific writers. They are experienced in creating resources that break down complex scientific jargon into digestible articles, that actively improve readers’ understanding about health topics.

We hold ourselves to a high standard, because we value the importance of producing quality content that will help those we care about the most – you, our users. Our board of medical and expert advisors guide our creators and review our content, to ensure our information is reliable and correct.

Our Voice

Human Health exists because we care about empowering everyone to achieve the health outcomes they deserve, by providing our users with the information and tools they need to get there. We’re personally invested in your healthcare journey, and we want this commitment to shine through in our communications.

When we produce resources, we ensure our tone of voice reflects four core principles. This framework allows us to connect with our users and support them with what they need – quality content delivered in a positive, informative way. Human’s voice is:

Considerate: We write with our audience as first priority. Our words are respectful, intentional, and inclusive. Here’s how we implement considerate language:

  • Using clinically accurate language in a respectful way
  • Using gender-neutral and other inclusive and affirming language
  • Welcoming and prioritising perspectives, opinions, and input from relevant communities
  • Recognizing and affirming health diversity as valid

Clear: What we write is designed to be easily understood by all users and to improve people’s knowledge about health topics. Our communications are concise, accessible, and focused. To keep communications clear, we aim to:

  • Write simple and concise content
  • Explain new or complex terms in plain language
  • Educate and improve health literacy by making information easy to understand
  • Create focused content that address specific needs for a particular community or audience

Honest: Our writing is agnostic and evidenced-based. We uphold the standards of producing realistic, factual, and fair content. Writing honest content involves:

  • Ensuring all information is safe and evidence-based
  • Using unbiased, neutral language
  • Advocating for fair and equal access to information that may help improve quality of life
  • Being transparent about the limitations of our product and content

Uplifting: Our content provides hope and encouragement for our users. We strive to be kind, empowering, and motivating in all of our communications. This looks like:

  • Encouraging people to focus on the quality of life outcomes they want for themselves
  • Validating unique experiences
  • Empowering people to take control of their healthcare journey
  • Creating a sense of community and belonging

We’re accountable for our platform

We care about excellence in quality and safety, and we will hold ourselves accountable to that. If you have any suggestions about our product or content, please reach out to support@human.health – we love hearing from you and appreciate your input. Human Health wouldn’t exist without you!

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