Making the most of Human's Health Insights

Human Health’s Symptom tracking system is designed to give you the deepest insights about your health with a minimum of effort. It’s backed by leading researchers and built with authenticity by a team living with the realities of chronic illness. Learn how to join thousands of users already taking control of their health with Human.

Your Symptom Check-in

The heart of symptom tracking is your regular Symptom Check-In*.*** For each symptom you’re asked “How much impact has this symptom had on daily functioning?” and can respond with: No Impact, Slight, Moderate, Substantial, or Major

This question was designed to give you the power to advocate directly for the impact symptoms are having on you or a person in your care. To find out more of the science behind the survey see our White Paper.

Don’t worry about whether your “Moderate” is the same as anyone else’s, or about how you responded in previous check-ins. There’s no wrong answer and no need to over-think your responses, in fact Human Health works better if you don’t. We understand that how your symptoms impact you at any point in time can differ for many reasons. We take into account day to day variability when we turn your check-in responses into insights, helping you understand meaningful trends and changes in your health.

Most days or only sometimes?

Once you’ve completed your first check-in, we’ll ask which of your symptoms tend to occur on most days. We do this so that we can configure Human to make tracking as quick and easy as we can, tailored to your needs.

Your “most days” symptoms will be packaged together into a regular symptom check-in survey that you can complete as often as once a day. You can do this when it suits you. That could be daily, every few days, weekly or just every now and again. Since we know you generally have these symptoms to some degree all the time, when Human analyses your data for trends we’ll look at how the impact has changed between surveys.

Logging your occasional symptoms

For symptoms that only occur occasionally, we don’t want you to have to waste time telling us over and over in your symptom check-in that they aren’t present and are having no impact. For these symptoms, simply tell us about their impact only on the days that they occur. You can do this via the “log today” feature located on the human homepage

When Human analyses your health data to look for trends, we treat these differently to your “most days” symptoms. For these symptoms, the Frequency of there occurrence is the strongest driver of the Impact score. We assume that these symptoms weren’t present on the days you didn’t log them and your impact Trend score will be higher the more often the symptom is logged. So make sure you log these symptoms whenever they occur!

How have I been recently?

As soon as you begin tracking your symptoms in Human, we’ll start summarising the recent impact of each of your symptoms on your Insights page. So that you can see at a glance “How have I been recently?”

Here you can see a quick summary of how each symptom has been impacting you over a time span from over the last week to the last 6 months, and quickly sort to see which have been impacting you the most or the least.

Has my health changed?

It can be so hard to remember how each of your symptoms changed and when that happened, especially for those dealing with multiple chronic illnesses on top of a busy life. This is what Human’s Trend analysis is made for.

Here we summarise the recent changes in each symptom so that you can see at a glance what has improved and what is getting worse. Human’s trend analysis cuts through day to day noise to reveal meaningful longer term changes in your underlying health.

Dr. Matthew Francis
Data Scientist