How Jackie & Owen Manage Autism Using the Human Health App

Thirteen years ago, I found myself sitting face-to-face with a pediatrician that handed me a slip of paper with a diagnosis on it. She proceeded to list all the things my son would struggle with and sprinkled it with all the things he would “probably never do”.

I have now spent the past 12 years on a journey with my son who has shown me that, despite what a doctor says, he can overcome and persevere. However, this path was far from easy. Countless hours were spent coordinating therapy sessions, attending doctor appointments, researching supplements and medications, and meticulously dissecting our daily routine to uncover the true catalysts of my child's progress.

I resorted to pen and paper, attempting to discern patterns and identify the factors contributing to some improvement of symptoms or the abrupt worsening of other symptoms. What was helping and what was not? It was hard to know. I even recruited my brother and, together, we developed a very basic app to streamline and manage my son's care.  In 2022, a colleague introduced me to the founders of Human Health. From that very first conversation with the team, I was certain that Human would transform our lives.

Allow me to introduce my son, Owen: as not just a diagnosis or a case study, but as a human being. Our goal has always been to help Owen become the best version of himself. Along this journey, he has required an immense level of support, encompassing various forms of treatment.

How we have started using Human Health
As a medication tracker

Since Human Health’s launch, we have been using it to manage Owen’s supplements, medications, and therapy sessions with ease. Being able to simply tick off treatments when we have completed them — all in one place — has helped bring an extra level of consistency to not only Owen’s but all of our lives.

As a symptom tracker

Human Health allows you to keep track of symptoms that are important to you on a weekly basis, which has given us the ability to see how Owen’s health is evolving over time. As we tick off his different treatments every day, we are starting to see how they are impacting his different symptoms which is an absolute game changer.

To better collaborate with his doctors and care team

No longer do I need to strain my memory, desperately trying to recall all the changes to Owen’s health since our last visit to his doctors. Now with Human Health’s insights page, we have an accurate representation of his progress to share with his care team — allowing for more focused and productive discussions on how we can further help Owen live his best life.

Our family truly believes that Human Healthis on the cusp of changing healthcare and how people take charge of their own health. Download the app today and start harnessing the power of Human Health!

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