The Future of Tracking Patient Outcomes: Grand Rounds

💥 Please enjoy Human Health’s second Grand Rounds for 2023.

Theme: Novel ways to track patient outcomes

The future of consumer technology and clinical decision making

🎉 Human Health's Beta product has landed on the United States App stores (both iOS and Android) .

📱Human Health allows users to Discover information on treatments, Track their symptoms and medications, Engage with their care teams through a useful Clinical Summary view, and  Contribute  to healthcare research.

Our first major project will be a longitudinal observational study with the aim to advance understanding of patient outcomes associated with complex conditions.

🔬  Hear from Human Health’s newly appointed Scientific Director, A/Prof. Aaron Fisher and Researcher, Dr. Kelly Simpson who will discuss;

  1. Validation of Human Health’s outcomes measures used in the app; the results from our first research study,
  2. How A/Prof. Fisher’s work will integrate with the Human Health app to revolutionise the access to personalised healthcare

3)The Human Health Observational Study - how Human will use consumer technology to revolutionise the way we ask clinical questions and scale the way we capture answers.

🏥 Human Health is being trialled at several clinics and schools across the United States. To learn how Human Health can be used to Discover optimal treatments, Track outcomes, Engage better with care providers and Contribute to research, reach out to our Medical Director, Dr. Steven Gluckman at

Dr. Steven Gluckman
Medical Director @ Human