Announcement: We have raised $10.15m to build the future of personalised healthcare

Big news: We have raised $10.15m to build the future of personalised healthcare

We’re excited to announce that we’ve closed a $10.15M seed round to achieve our mission of giving everyone access to personalised healthcare. We’re incredibly proud to be backed by an amazing group of investors who deeply understand the problems we’re trying to solve, and see Human as a solution for a healthier, happier world. The round was led by AirTree Ventures, followed by Skip Capital, and includes an amazing group of impact-driven angel investors.

The problems we want to solve 🌎

With over one billion health-related searches on Google every day, and more than half of the world’s population currently living with at least one chronic health condition, there is a real need for quality and personalised treatment information to be more easily accessible to both patients and their doctors.

1. 👩🏻‍💻Accessing quality medical information is incredibly hard

As a population, we are conducting more medical research than ever in history. However, the sheer volume of information out there makes it almost impossible to decipher what is relevant, what is misinformation, which treatments work, and which are safe. With the World Health Organisation reporting that medical misinformation is 70% more likely to be shared than accurate information, it is harder than ever for doctors and patients to effectively translate information into relevant treatment plans.

2. 🔬Research is slow, and we’re losing critical data we could be capturing

Conducting new medical research is expensive and time-consuming. The average clinical trial costs at the lower end US $4 million, and takes 6-7 years. It then takes many years for new treatments to be adopted by doctors into standards of care. The current way of conducting research is often limited by the sample size, length of studies and doesn’t incorporate the real-time data being lost from patients outside of trials, who are already taking treatments. It is clear to us that mass sets of doctor inputs and patient outcomes data could help refine where clinical trials are most needed.

How we are solving them: Our mission at Human Health 💜

We founded Human Health because we believe that to create a healthier, happier world, we need give everyone access to personalised healthcare. Today, the best medical information lives in the heads of specialist doctors and researchers that most people can't afford to access - we believe this is hugely unfair.

So, we’re building an evidence-based platform to capture and publish what doctors, researchers, and patients are learning about the most effective medical treatments, at scale. This will enable us to speed up the feedback loops between doctors and patients, drive faster medical breakthroughs, and facilitate the development of personalised, data-driven treatment plans for everyone.

On our mission, AirTree’s Elicia McDonald stated:

“We invest in expertise, connections and enthusiasm, but most importantly we invest in the future. We’ve backed Human Health’s seed round because we believe in Georgia and Kate's bold vision to significantly reduce the suffering associated with chronic conditions through leading the world’s transition to precision medicine. They’re an outstanding founding team tackling a growing global problem and we feel privileged to support them in making their vision a reality."

What’s next: The future of health is Human Health ✨

We have a huge opportunity to fundamentally shape the future of healthcare at Human Health. These new funds will help us better capture lost medical data, fill the gaps in the existing body of medical research, empower patient-doctor relationships, and ultimately deliver medical breakthroughs to consumers at a much faster rate. It’s been an incredible first 6 months, highlighted by the team of extremely talented and passionate individuals who have joined us to help build Human Health.

It is vital that we continue to build a team of values-led people who want to solve hard problems and have fun doing it. Even if there isn’t an open role that matches your skillset, if you resonate with Human Health's mission and think you can help, please reach out to a member of our team for a chat via — many of our team members have joined so far where a role didn’t formally exist yet.

Thank you to our supporters

Thanks to everyone who has supported us on our journey so far. Alongside AirTree and Skip, we are so grateful for our angel investors who have helped turn our dreams into a reality; including OIF’s David Shein, Jarred Shein, NY based VC firm The Fund, ReGen Ventures’ Dan Fitzgerald, Canva’s Head of Product Rob Kawalsky, Mumli CEO Melanie Corlett, Daniel and Ele Gammell’s First Light VC, and business leader and philanthropist Michael Gonski.

Georgia & Kate
Co-founders @ Human