Building a platform that is

Speeding up science to deliver medical breakthroughs.

See our strategy to achieve this.

Build the most compelling, scientific health tracking product

We’ve built a tool that empowers patients and carers to track treatments, gain deep insights, and better manage their complex health conditions.

Recruit the world’s doctors and patients

We’re making it easy for doctors and their patients to collaborate in real-time to learn what works.

Fill gaps in research and publish our findings

We'll capture data to deliver insights to doctors and patients; so that everyone everywhere will have access to personalized treatment plans.

Curate the most comprehensive and accessible health knowledge base

We will publish our findings for the science and research communities, for free.

Private | Secure | Encrypted

Privacy is a human right. Your data is yours: you get full control over who can view your data on Human. Human keeps all your information secure and encrypted. We never sell data. We are fully GDPR compliant.

Built with clinicians,
to improve patient outcomes

Understanding how treatments are impacting my patients will help me care for them, but having a way to scale those impacts with the broader medical community will help care for all those suffering with the same symptoms.

Dr Young Shin Kim

The University of California, San Francisco

With the evidence clearly labelled at your fingertips, every clinician will feel like they’ve got superpowers.

Dr David Furman

Director of the Stanford 1000 Immunomes Project
Associate Professor at the Buck Institute for Research
Chief Scientific Advisor, Human

77% of clinicians expect real-time patient analytics to be critical to personalized care in the future. Building trust in these new models of care is going to need the best available evidence, and at Human we're working to bring that together.

Dr Steven Gluckman

Medical Director, Human
Built alongside doctors and scientists from

Leading Institutions

This idea will change the future of medicine. I’m excited to be involved.

David Furman, PhD

Advisor at Human
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